Welcome to EdShots!

I’ve known since I was in 7th grade that I wanted to be a teacher. I also know that I NEVER want to retire! I literally want to teach until I can’t physically do it anymore. (I’d be more concerned about my mental condition!)

I have taught for eleven years in the public school system in central Florida. I graduated from the University of Florida in Gainesville (Go Gators!) with a B.A. in English and a master’s in secondary English education. I am currently working on a dissertation for a doctorate in Educational Leadership.

My hope is to learn enough to build the school of students’ dreams. Seriously. (More about that later).

In my spare time I LOVE to read (I know – cliche). I also love to write (Again – cliche). There are so many things I love to do that I really have a hard time focusing.

But education is my passion and my primary goal is for students to experience the freedom that a real education offers. I honestly feel that my education saved my life and I believe that it can be a life-saver for all students.

So, with this blog, I hope to inspire future and current teachers with a like mindset — WE must be the change we hope to see inn our educational system. WE must be the ones to ignite the passion and purpose in our students. And to do that, we have to ensure that ours never goes out! Happy reading and sharing!

Welcome to EdShots!


2016 educator