Who Are You?

RafikiWhoAreYouOK. Obviously, I could not resist. Disney films have a way of being so profound and yet so simple. Primple? Or simfound? I guess I won’t try to coin any new terms today. But have you ever really, thoroughly considered this question: Who are you?

Reflection is a tool that allows you to continually mold and shape your response to this question. Although not always done formally or in writing, reflection has played a large part in many aspects of my life: academic, personal/familial, and professionally. That is precisely why I feel that there is SO MUCH to learn and SO LITTLE time!

If you have not yet begun to engage in self-reflection or do not do so on a regular basis, I hope this post provides you with the impetus for doing so immediately!

As you continue your professional path, begin a new school year, or seek to implement a new idea, consider these questions (Collaborative Leadership: Six influences that matter most):

  • Who are you?
  • What are your aspirations and values?
  • Who do you want to be to the educational field?
  • What do you know and what can you teach that is different from the masses?
  • How will your voice speak to a need in the field?
  • What will you do if you have hesitations about standing out and being yourself?
  • How will you know you are ready?

We cannot teach or lead others until we fully understand ourselves and our purpose. Reflect on these questions. It is okay (even preferable) if your responses change over time. This change is what will help you to lead effectively and positively impact your school community. Find your voice. And then… ROAR!!!


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